This blog is a little update on photi that I used to have fun with when I was pregnant and a new mama to Addison. You can read the very first about me I did back in 2012, and see how much (or little!) things have changed since then…

I’m Hayley, I’m 23 years old and this blog is a personal way for me to document our day-to-day lives in pictures and (a very little amount of) words – I’m definitely no writer! Shane and I got married on October 18th, 2014. We were so blessed to have our little lady Addison with us, as well as our closest friends and family to share the day. We got married at Ravensthorpe here in the Illawarra, and you can see a few of my favourite pics here :)

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I blogged a little about it previously, but it went mostly undocumented (sadly – I’m hoping I might be able to revisit some of it here!) and our beautiful new house was finished in December 2014, and we moved in 3 days before Christmas.



Our little baby Addison turned TWO in February.. She is growing every single day and we couldn’t be filled with more love for her. What a privilege and blessing Shane and I have been given as her parents, she will forever be our greatest love and adventure!



I have always known that I want a few kids, so when we discovered we were going to be blessed with a little baby BOY this September, I was over the moon! Shane is just excited he has a male to team up with now, even though I’ve been telling him they are called mummy’s boys for a reason 😉



We have also bought another block of land (in case we weren’t crazy enough!) which we anticipate being settled early 2016. This will be our family home for a while, one that we hope to raise our kids in for the next 10-15yrs. Shane’s parents have bought the block behind us, so we will be going through all the highs and lows of building at the same time!


Things are really taking off with This Little Love, and we will be opening the first Children’s Decor & Design showroom by the end of the year!!


I always tell people we are all or nothing – so please join us as we finish off 2015 with a bang and see where 2016 and beyond takes us!