For ages Addison has been going on about a ‘Purple’ party for her birthday in February. Like, a dog with a bone relentless. She is pretty in to Shimmer and Shine lately so I thought it might be linked to that, but when I suggested a Shimmer and Shine party she quickly shot that down and demanded it was ‘Just Purple’…. okay kid! Purple it is!

Every year I get to around this point and I think it’s too early to start planning, and I can’t seem to deal with Christmas and party planning at the same time so I put off thinking about Addison’s party until January. At the time it seems like a good idea because it’s convenient to push it aside and forget about it for a little while, but then when January rolls around I hate myself haha. So, I decided to get in SUPER early this year!

I ordered some fancy backdrop kits from DD Brand, in the bubblegum colourway. Which will be our statement piece for the party and I am super excited to get it hung!


The colours feel very unicorn-y to me, so I got carried away with all these unicorn ideas…. I ended up ordering some Unicorn Poop Fluffe party packs and some headbands from Puddle Ducklings. So apparently it’s a unicorn themed party now, I will have to run it by mini-boss lady but I guess she doesn’t really have any choice at this point haha.


I was thinking of getting some Unicorns made at Foamtastic Party Decor, but I’m not sure if it will work out in my head. I spent half of today daydreaming about how I could commission someone to draw the unicorn I have in my head and then get it cut in acrylic, with a full blown flower mane from Puddle Ducklings. Then I realised I obviously had way too much time on my hands today and I don’t think I could be bothered to go that much effort haha. We’ll probably end up some unicorn balloons or something similar instead.

There’s been a style of unicorn cake pop up all over Instagram that I’m loving too. I will definitely get Chloe to make the cake this time!


Cute huh! But I’m not sure if I’ll go for that style or something more elaborate…


Either way, I’ll definitely be doing my signature sugar cookies and might even give these Unicorn meringues a go!



Can’t believe my baby will be turning four. Here’s a flashback to 9mo baby Addison because she’s just so cute!



October 23, 2016
November 2, 2016