I used to blog a bit when I was pregnant with Addison and during her first year, but things got crazy busy and I blogged less and less. It didn’t really bother me, I didn’t miss it (at least I thought I didn’t) but a few weeks ago I found myself looking back at my old posts and it refreshed so many memories. It was especially good to look back and see what lists I made for things I found most helpful each month with Addison – being pregnant again and expecting a baby any day now is making me feel like a fish out of water! I have this toddler thing down pat, but I feel as though I have no idea what to do with a newborn. Do I give him a dummy? How many toys did Addison have? Does he need toys? How often do I need to breastfeed? Where will he nap? Will he even nap!? The list goes on..

So I decided to make a conscious effort to blog again and continue on where I left off – but with a new look. Things have developed and changed so much for me as a person, as well as us a family, and I wanted my blog to reflect that. Only two years ago I was dreaming of our new house, starting our own business and getting better at taking photos. It’s a little crazy to think that we have been in our new house for about 9 months now, TLL is jumping forward in leaps and bounds, and I have gotten to shadow some of the best photographers on a few of the photoshoots that TLL has brought our way.

I’m not really sure what this blog will be about, but I do hope to document our life as a family, things I’m interested in for TLL, and practice my photography. We are expecting Baby Neal soon, so I am excited to write about his first few months and take a zillion million photos.

He is officially due on Sept 28th – but I have my fingers tightly crossed for an earlier rather than later arrival. As everyone has warned me, each pregnancy is different in its own way, and more often than not each subsequent one is tougher on your body than the last (this is very true for me). One saving grace is that I haven’t been pregnant over summer like I was with Addison. It has been sooo good layering up in warm clothes and not worrying about the heat and staying comfortable! I’m also pretty relaxed about giving birth again. I don’t want to be too ‘cocky’ about it and jinx it, but Addison’s birth was a really good experience and I am hoping it’ll be a case of been there, done that and everything will go smoothly this time too. I think also with him being our second, I am more relaxed about his arrival and what life will be like once he’s here. I remember being so blissfully unaware with Addison, but so highly strung about every little thing.

If you’re a new friend, you can check out my about me page to get a little idea of what’s happening for us right now, and you can check out my old one if you’re interested :) If you’ve been around for a little while – yay! I’m glad to have you back and to continue to share our crazy life with you!

Talk soon,


September 12, 2015