Christmas 2015


Even though (or maybe even because) everything is a total shambles at the moment, I wanted to make sure we have a good Christmas. We put our totally fake tree up mid November to help spread a little Christmas cheer. Next year I’ve put a real one at the very top of my list 😉 I’ve heard they smell amazing! Either way, little miss was in love with it (and posing in front of it haha) and so was I.


Christmas morning we had Shane’s parents (Marian & Rob) come over to open presents. It was really good, this year kind of felt like it was the first year that Addison understood what Christmas means and what happens. We left milk and carrots out for Santa and his reindeer the night before, and when we got up in the morning she went running over to the plate to see scraps of carrot and the milk all gone. Some mummies in my mums group went all out with fake snow from Kikki K and foot prints from the entrance to the tree – I don’t know if my clean freak side could handle the mess, but I might give it a go next year!


This is the horse that Nanny & Poppy got her – it was a massive hit! She hasn’t quite figured out the steering part yet but I know she will soon, and regardless I think it is a great present and very age appropriate. In case you’re wondering, Nanny bought it from here in the small size.


I thought this age was hard to buy for. She’ll be 3 in February, and it’s kind of like the in-between age… too old for most baby toys and too young for most kids toys. So we decided that her big present could be a trampoline and then a few smaller things, like a new dolly for her room, some puzzles and a new lego set.



Oliver got a few soft toys, a Mamas & Papas snug for when he is a little older and ready to start sitting (Addison loved hers when she was little!) and some teething rings. I think he was pretty pleased! We were just glad to have him home for Christmas. He was due to go in to CHW to have another dilatation on Tuesday the 22nd, but the dr that does it had gone on holidays and won’t be back until the week of the 4th…eeeep! Don’t get me wrong I’m incredibly relieved that we didn’t go back for the night, it is so draining. But I did kind of want him to go sort of as a prevention, he started showing symptoms of a stricture a day before his second dilatation last time, I was paranoid that it would happen again and we’d be in for two weeks of eating like shit over the holidays. Anyway, I was worried for a little bit on Wednesday night that he was starting to show symptoms, but he hasn’t seemed to have gotten any worse since so that’s relief. I did call the hospital anyway to see if we could get in ASAP after the 4th in case his symptoms worsened, they said they’d call back but I’m still waiting haha.



I feel like lately he is looking less sickly in his photos and it makes my heart jump with joy. He is looking so much better in photos because he is doing so much better. He is 12wks old and weighs 5kgs which is AMAZING for him! TOF babies are known to be in the low percentiles for weight gain, so we knew not to expect a Michelin baby (Addison wasn’t packing the pounds either, so nothing new haha) but since his first dilatation 5wks ago he has put on over 1kg – sweet sweet relief after he returned almost to his birth weight at 6wks because of his stricture!


My family came around for lunch, we didn’t do anything special because we were planning on being in hospital. We went with a good old ham and salads, and even though we got the smallest ham the butcher had, I think we’ll be eating it for weeks.



Addison kept my sister (Meagan) and her boyfriend (Aaron) busy most of the day – jumping on her new trampoline, dancing, or playing with one of the 500 puzzles she got.



Shane has been so busy trying to finish up TLL for the year he’s exhausted. So exhausted that he dropped on the lounge room floor and had a kip while everyone was chattering away hahaha.


I WISH I asked someone to take a pic of our first Christmas together as a family of four, but I was just so occupied I ran out of time. So here’s one from last year instead 😉


Look how tiny Addison is! And how short her hair is – ermagerd. Little did I know that a few days after this Oliver would be conceived (he’s a NYE baby hahahaha).


December 15, 2015
December 29, 2015