Four Month Essentials


What a whirlwind the past month has been! As well as juggling two kids, we are really knuckling down with TLL and getting our showroom open (we’ve had it for 8mos now!) and we have been working on buying a new house (I know! Up until now we had been preparing to build on our new block – but we’ve given that the flick and we are hoping to go rural)

In amongst all the chaos, baby O has been growing like mad. His personality is really shining through, and I can already see just how different he is to our Addison. She was a very highly strung baby – didn’t like new people, only liked to be held a certain way, would whinge until her toys were put within her reach rather than getting them herself etc. She still is really. But Oliver, even though he has his moments (he still is a baby afterall!) is much more relaxed. Loves looking at new faces, will happily babble to himself and loves rolling around on the floor. So far, the only major similarity to baby Addison is that he fights naps! He will quite happily sit up for HOURS which is exhausting, but at least he is happy I guess!

His night time sleeping is still all over the shop at the moment too. I thought we had it down pat for a time there, he was sleeping from 7pm/8pm – 2am/3am, then feeding and going back down til about 6am/7am. But recently he has been waking up at 11pm, 1am, 3am and so on. Last night and the night before he has just finally started to settle back down again thank god, I don’t know how much more we could have taken of the 2hrly thing. I think it had to do with the 4mo sleep regression?

Anyway – here are my 4mo essentials :)

1. Mamas & Papas Baby Snug
I didn’t realise it until after I finish the image, but this seat was also in the list of ‘4 month essentials’ I did for Addison back in 2013 – it is just that good! I chose it way back then because it was much roomier than a bumbo and would grow with Addison, and I loved it! So it was a no brainer that we would use one for Oliver too. Addison’s got lost a long time ago in my in-laws garage, so Oliver got a green one for Christmas :) He had a pedatrician appt about two weeks ago, and he noticed that Oliver was getting a bit of a flat head. Nothing major, but just the beginnings of one so he mentioned we should try and keep him off it and get him to lay on the other side of his head. This seat is perfect for it! It also makes for a great chair for eating when we start solids, which hopefully will be in the next month or so because we got the all clear from his dr – yay!

2. Zip lock Bag
I know lol. BUT you have no idea how much it changed my life when I read that you can store your breast pump in a zip lock bag in the fridge in between pumping sessions, and only steralise it once a day. It has saved me SO MUCH TIME at the sink! Oliver is exclusively EBM fed now so I pump every 3-4hrs, and being able to just chuck the pump into a bag and in put it in the fridge has been great!

3. Oricom Secure 703 Monitor
The monitor that we used for Addison broke recently, and we had been going without one for a good couple of months. We finally got around to grabbing one and only know do I realise how much better Oliver tends to sleep! When we didn’t have a monitor, we left his door open as well as the hallway so I could hear him when he stirred/woke up. He seemed to wake up all too quickly, so when we actually got the monitor and shut all the doors so it was quiet for him, we realised he must like it a little bit quiet. I don’t blame him though, Addison runs around like a banshee most days!

4. Babies R Us Breastmilk Storage Bag
Up until now I have been using Pigeon breastmilk storage bags, mostly because that’s what the CHW had for us to use, but also because all the brands on Nursing Angel are priced similarly. When I was at Toys R Us getting a monitor though, I came across these babies. I was skeptical at first because they are SO cheap ($29.95 for 120 of these VS $29.95 for 30 Pigeon bags – they’re .25ea instead of Pigeon’s $1.00ea – I KNOW) how can there be such a massive price difference??? But I was tempted because we go through them like crazy at home, so I did some googling and found good reviews for them and ended up buying them. When I got home I used some and you can tell they’re cheaper. It’s harder to break the seal on them and they’re made of a lot thicker plastic, but who cares?! I thought at first my struggling to open the seal might cause my milk to spill out (like in the movies, someone struggles with a chip packet and then they’re flying all over the place) but so far that hasn’t happened. The thick plastic isn’t a problem either, the only thing that threw me was I can’t just put the bag over the bottle and tip it upside down like I do with the Pigeon ones, I have to pour my milk in. Which can be a task and a half when you’ve got 500 things happening! But not a big deal, I’m used to it now and for the price difference, very happy!

5. This toy
Don’t know what it’s called, but it’s from Toys r Us and Oliver LOVES it. I always call him my monkey, so it’s fitting!

6. Sophie the Giraffe
This thing is on every parents wish list, is the most common gift given at showers, and the most popular teether for babies – and there’s no wondering why. It’s shape is perfect for little fingers and mouths and it’s cute to boot. Addison loved hers and now that Oliver has his own, he does too.

7. Momkbaby Shoes
Ever since Addison was in pre-walkers and right up until Oliver was ready to wear them, I have been a fan of Freshly Picked Mocs. They are my absolute favourite soft sole shoes and I’m pretty sure Addison had about 10 pairs that she lived in until she started walking. I even had a pair of crib mocs ready for Oliver ready to go! And I will always always love them, but our dollar is so shit at the moment and I haven’t been able to justify spending almost $100(AUD) on a pair of baby shoes that will only last him a couple of months at best. So I started looking local and came across these beauties! They are so so so cute and the perfect style for baby feet – Oliver is a major kicker and he can’t get these off. They are so well priced too. I’m pretty sure they’re quickly becoming my new fave baby shoes!



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