Before we got married, Shane and I bought another block of land in our development – just because we love torture! Haha. Not really. When we bought our current land in 2012, we didn’t really know what to look for, how much space we needed, what we should or shouldn’t include in our house etc. After going through the building experience first hand, we got to really discover what we want and what we don’t want. Things we thought were important turned out to not be so important (having my own office), and things we thought we wouldn’t care about we actually do (having a small backyard).

So our new block is a bit bigger and in a better location, and will be our chance to nail everything we could possibly want in our house. We plan to stay there for a while, 10-15yrs or so, so it needs to be big enough for our growing family and see us through the different stages of kids. So far on my check list-

Two Story
As much as I am pretty much dying inside as I type that I want a two story house, to get the size backyard we are dreaming of we really need to have a smaller slab and build up, rather than a really long house (like we have now) that carries all the way to the back of the block. Will I grow to hate it?? Who knows – but I’m willing to give it a try! We lived with Shane’s parents for a year in their two story and I survived 😉

Big Backyard
At the moment our backyard is pretty tiny, and that was okay for us when we bought the land – we didn’t have Addison yet, and we thought the smaller the better because it meant less maintenance. What we didn’t know was how much Addison would love to play outside and run around, or how much we’d love to entertain and have get togethers in our patio area.


The Pink is our patio and grass – poor Ivy haha!! It doesn’t really seem to bother her too much, she spends most of her time sleeping inside on her bed. But it would be nice to give her her own space too, so that when we had guests over we could keep her separate in a decent sized space (she’s still learning her manners at 3yrs old). I’m envisaging a yard with lots of separate sections that we can close off depending on what we’re using.
A side section running down the length of the house, probably about 4m wide and just concrete that we could keep Shane’s jet-ski and boat in, and access from the laundry with a clothes line. Then directly off the back of the house have an undercover patio area with grass, Ivy’s grassed section to the right of that that joins with the side of the house, or something like that. We’d also really like to have a yard big enough for a pool eventually. It probably won’t happen for a while, but we’d like to have the option one day especially considering we want this to be the house we raise our kids in.

Butler’s Pantry/Second Kitchen
At the moment our pantry is 1.5m wide, just enough to put cabinetry on one side and a person to stand in there. At the time of building we didn’t see a need for much else. Looking to the future, it would be really great to have basically a second kitchen as a butler’s pantry – a second fridge, sink, and lots more space for food than what we currently have.


Excuse the pic, it’s from moving day :) It’s a lot fuller now!

Windows Everywhere
I love love love love natural light. The windows in our current house are perfect for the house, they are in all the right places and suit the space, but I want bigger. I want our house to accommodate floor to ceiling windows and doors so we will factor that in. We specifically chose the new land because it is facing towards a lake without any houses in front – perfect for large windows to capture the view and let the outside in!


More Bedrooms
Our house now is a 3 bedroom, so we’re all full now. We have done some rearranging so that Shane’s old office will now be the guestroom (he took my never-used office) so it could pass as a 4 bedroom technically, but we would like a 5 bedroom + guestroom. We definitely want 3 kids so 4 bedrooms is necessary, but we want the option to have 4 kids if we decide that’s what we want later on – so 5 bedrooms is important.

A couple of months ago I knuckled down and did some planning on photoshop – it’s not all accurate/to scale (especially the top floor) but it gives me a good visual guide to what I’m thinking. I know I already want to change some stuff around – like the kitchen/pantry arrangement, as well as the bedroom configuration upstairs. At the moment the master is at the back of the house, but I want it at the front so it is facing the lake (and not Shane’s parents who have bought the block behind us 😉 )


The land isn’t registered yet, the settlement date keeps changing and I think we’ll be lucky if it happens before Christmas.. the new year is more realistic. Whenever it happens though I’m not in much rush because we have this beautiful house and it suits us just fine for now :) As long as we make the move before we decide on making Baby Neal #3 haha.


September 22, 2015