Today Oliver is one month old, so I wanted to do a list of things that I have found really helpful during the past month!


1. Bednest
I knew I wanted a bassinet for Oliver right from the beginning. It wasn’t something that we had for Addison until she was about 8wks old when she got her first cold and I was so paranoid about leaving her alone in her room, we rushed and got a second hand one from eBay. Knowing what we know now, I am so glad that we had a bassinet ready to go for Oliver, and in particular this bassinet. It is considered a co-sleeper, because it secures to the bed and the sides can fold down so that your baby is right there. Having him so close and visible was something that I infinitely appreciated during our first two weeks home because Oliver doesn’t make much noise when he cries. It’s a side effect of the surgery (crazy, right?) and there isn’t much more than a gasping sound coming from him whenever he cries. It’s only this past day or so that he is starting to make an audible noise when he cries, and I’m still worried about not waking up during the night for him (hasn’t happened yet – touch wood), but the Bednest makes me feel so much more comfortable knowing he is right there and I only have to open my eyes to look at him

Another bonus of the Bednest is that it is tiltable (is that a word??) which helps with Oliver’s reflux, digestion, and breathing. TOF babies are extra prone to reflux, so Oliver will be on anti-reflux medication for the next 2yrs at least. He is also still getting used to regulating feeds and my supply is still massive so the poor kid has to deal with milk coming up out his nose and sitting in his throat when he splutters (thanks to his tracheomalacia) so it just gives me peace of mind to know that he is on a little bit of an incline and gravity is helping to keep his oesophagus clear!

2. Johnson’s Nursing Pads
I’m not a big Johnson’s fan by any means, so these were not my first choice for nursing pads. I ended up with them during my week at Ronald McDonald House because I had ran out and they were the only brand the hospital chemist stocked, I got a shock when it turned out they were the best ones I’ve ever used! (New Beginnings are the worst).

They are a good size for me, not at all flimsy so they don’t crinkle, but that doesn’t make them rough or too firm. They hold my milk leaks well (I am almost always leaking and have a let down a couple of times an hour – yay me) and I change them at every feed not because they are full but to prevent infection. They don’t have that annoying plastic backing so they are breathable, which I think is important to help keep bacteria away. They also don’t have any adhesive stickers, but I like that about them because they almost never work properly anyway. They have no plastic packaging, which is good for at home because they are quickly and easily accessible – I cannot tell you how many little strips of adhesive backing that have mysteriously ended up in my room! But it can be a little annoying for travel. If I were using a rating system, I’d give them a 9/10 – they lose a point because they are on the more expensive side and you can’t get them at Woolies or Coles, so I have to do a separate trip to the chemist or Babies R Us to get them.

3. Maxi-Cosi Mico AP Capsule
Another thing that we didn’t have for Addison but I am so grateful we have for Oliver. It is so nice not having to wake up to get him in and out of the car! The day we came home from hospital we were all so exhausted, we bought Oliver in from the car in his capsule and put it on the lounge room floor next to us and he slept for the next 2hrs. Shane and I enjoyed to peace and put our feet up!

4. Uashmama Paper Tray
Random I know, but this makes a great nappy caddy! We have a really big dresser/change table, so having the handful of essential things for nappy changes all in one spot and in arms length make the job so much quicker and easier. Much neater than having everything just sprawled across the top, and it makes everything easy to grab for little fingers who can’t help but ‘help’ change baby brother..



5. Medela Freestyle Breast Pump
This breast pump is pretty much the best thing I have bought for Oliver. Having previously used a silly little manual Avent one, this one rocked my world. I bought it while I was pregnant, hoping to use it once breastfeeding had been established so that other people could feed Oliver when I wasn’t around. But, I ended up using it as soon as my milk came in because Oliver wasn’t feeding yet and I wanted to keep my supply up for when he was ready. Although the hospital had an expressing room with their own equipment that I could use whenever, I was expressing every 3-4hourly so I still needed to pump when I was at home. This pump is SO efficient, comfortable, and easy to use and clean. I have one of the nursing bras that go with it so I can do both boobs at the same time, it makes me feel so glamorous haha. But I can usually get about 100ml each side in 15mins, so hoorah!

6. Elki Baby Wrap
The most common thing I’d heard from second time mums when I was pregnant was that you basically need an extra set of arms when you have your second child – ha! Obviously I wasn’t going to grow limbs any time soon, so I figured this was the next best thing and I was so right! I never wore Addison, so I was completely new to this whole ‘baby-wearing’ thing but really wanted to get into it. It made sense to me and I liked the idea of having my baby close, especially when I had to go out somewhere with two kids. So I researched a lot and decided I didn’t want a traditional carrier or sling. It was important to me to be comfortable myself, and for baby to have a good sitting M position, so when I came across Elki Baby on IG I knew I had found what I was looking for! It is incredibly lightweight and soft, not thick and tight like many other wraps I’ve come across, and it looks pretty great too 😉 Oliver gives his tick of approval – he could spend the whole day cuddled up in there if I let him I think!

7. Aqua Scale Bathub
It’s a little excessive I know, but this bath is actually really handy with Oliver’s TOF. It not only tells us the temperature of the water on a digital screen at the top of the bath, but also how much Oliver weighs. I was skeptical because you know, technology, but I went to see my GP on Thursday to for a check up and she weighed Oliver while I was there. She told me he was 3.9kg (I was astounded – he had put on 360g since leaving hospital 12 days earlier!) and when I bathed him that night, it said 3.9kg, so it is bang on. TOF babies are commonly in the lower percentile for weight, so we’ve been told to watch Oliver to make sure he is thriving. Having the bath tell us his weight is so convenient and saves a trip to the pharmacy or GP every week!

Happy one month birthday beautiful boy xxx



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