This weekend I turn 39 weeks, and we were thinking it might be our very last weekend together as a trio before our little man arrives, so we knew we wanted to spend it together, not necessarily doing anything fancy, but just a lazy weekend at home together. It kind of worked out perfectly, it rained most of Saturday so it was really nice to stay indoors and keep warm!

We had a little sleep in on Saturday and took our time getting ready. I tried some new make up I bought from Mecca that arrived on Friday, some I was super stoked with others I was pretty meh about. I REALLY loved trying their new Enlightened Balm, it is such a soft peachy colour (perfect for spring/summer!) and doesn’t look too pearlescent on my skin – very different to the Nars Multiple Stick in Copacabana I also bought. I probably should have gone with a different colour (I think I might have been better off with Orgasm) but even applying it was more annoying than the balm, it didn’t sit very well on my foundation at all – so it might be better under it? I’ll give that a go later on. Either way, Mecca’s balm has been shot straight to the top of my favourites list. It goes perfectly with Napoleon Perdis’ new Reflective Refiner Blush and my new fave M.A.C lipstick – Plink!


We then started on a big clean up around the house. A little last minute nesting?? Just to get us ready for Baby’s arrival. I super cleaned the kitchen and dining table because it was looking more like a dump site, and then I got exhausted haha.




I was going to stop, but Addison did some redecorating of her own in Baby’s room, so I knocked that over too. I joked that I would leave it but there is no chance my perfectionist control freak side would have let me. From this…


to this… ahhh! :)


And then I was out. Shane did the tidying in his office and the spare bedroom (which we are in the middle of setting up – yay!) and did a little TLL work. He keeps asking me questions about it, and I’m like “DUDE, MATERNITY LEAVE”. He tells me I don’t get that luxury haha. I’ve put my foot down and said no way am I going to the warehouse at all this week 😉 Instead I’ll be at my acupuncturist Monday, Weds and Fri.

I’ve been taking weekly acupuncture appointments since 36wks, in hopes of preparing my body for labor and giving me as much opportunity to deliver before or at 40wks. It sounds really impatient, horrible, arrogant, privileged I know, but we we’re flying to Melb on the 14th of Oct (16 days after my due date) for OFB Melbourne, and if he came too late I would have zero chance of going. As it is, I’m absolutely petrified of traveling with a 2wk old. I haven’t booked my flight yet because I think it will be one of those things that I can’t decide if I’m going until the last minute. I really really really hate the idea of traveling with a newborn so young, but I don’t know if staying at home with a crazy toddler and a newborn without Shane would be any better. I am torn. It is a really incredible opportunity and we are so blessed to be able to go, but I am kind of hoping we didn’t sign up. At this point it is a stress I don’t really want or need.

Anyway, the acupuncture appointments so far have been really great. I wasn’t sure what to expect (Will I go into labor after my first session!? Will it hurt? Where do the needles go?..) but I’ve been really happy with it. Andy told me that I came at the best time, and for my first few appointments he will just be working on focusing my directing my bodies energy to get ready for labor, nothing like hoping to start labor at the moment. After my first session I was SO relaxed that I fell asleep during it and when I walked to my car afterwards I could have curled up and had a sleep on the back seat. My whole body felt so calm, relaxed, relieved. Even my lower back was pain free and it felt good. The next two appointments have been just as great, but I haven’t been so sleepy afterwards. I think maybe my body has adjusted? This week he says he will be hoping to encourage the idea of a natural onset of labor in my body, fingers crossed!

Then maybe the next Weekend in Pictures will be all about Baby Neal arriving 😉 I’ll finish with a family selfie – maybe our last as a trio!?



September 13, 2015
September 21, 2015