Shane has been so busy trying to finish the renovations at our TLL warehouse that we haven’t really had much family time lately. His day usually goes a little something like this: 6am wakeup, leave at 7am, works at his full time job until 4pm, then heads to the warehouse until about 7pm. He’ll come home quickly for dinner and to put Addison to bed, then goes back to the warehouse until around midnight. Pretty exhausting for all of us! We were rushing to get things done at the warehouse before Baby Neal arrives at the end of the month, but it’s just too much pressure. I’m working on a new thing called ‘acceptance’ (hahahaha) and I’m trying to accept that it’ll happen when it happens and it’ll all be worth it!

So this weekend after spending a little time at the warehouse on Saturday, we mostly spent the weekend just spending time together as a trio and enjoying the weather. It was amazing, and as much as I’ve been grateful for the cool weather being pregnant, the 25° days made me pretty excited for the rest of Spring and the start of Summer!

We swung by Nanny and Poppy’s house to go for a swim, but Addison could only handle sitting on the steps it was so cold – thank goodness! Shane and I were not looking forward to getting in with her haha.




I know, her hair right???? Who would have thought that the dark straight hair she was born with would turn into long, blonde curls… I can’t get enough of it!

On Sunday morning we went to the local Spring fair, where Addison was obsessed with the ponies and basically refused to leave them – ha!


We had a look around, got some lunch and cupcakes to take home and Addison was getting over it. Everything was a big deal (like leaving the ponies) and my back was killing me – so we decided to head home.

The sun and excitement must have worn both Shane and Addison out, because I went to rest for a little bit and when I came out this is what I saw..


Sweetest thing ever, right!? Shane can sleep anywhere, anytime so I wasn’t too surprised. The amount of times I’ve seen him fall asleep with his head looking so uncomfortable and his arms folded is way too many to count.. but Addison!? Who knew!!


September 12, 2015