Snow 2016


We went to the snow for a week at the end of June, it was soooo much fun! We took a chance going so early in the season but it totally worked out perfectly – the week before we were set to arrive the temp dropped and there was so much snowfall! Perfect timing :) We were really excited to take Addison back after she had such a great time last year, and I was really keen to see how Oliver would enjoy it. Hint: he didn’t! I think it was a combination of all the layers he had to wear so he couldn’t move, and the fact that he is still pretty young so couldn’t really do anything but sit there. So not very enjoyable I guess haha. Addison was having literally the time of her life, she could barely walk more than two metres without stopping and grabbing fistfuls of snow and tossing them around her while she walked.  Oliver barely cracked a smile the entire time haha. Anyway, here are some of my fave pics :)



Like I said, impressed hahah!

Snow5  Snow7snow9



We signed Addison up for some skiing lessons, she was so cute in her little outfit! I wasn’t sure how she’d go, so I hung around the sidelines even though the instructor told me it’ll only distract her. Turns out she had a blast and is quite the little natural! She stayed the full hour with a few breaks along the way, I would look over and she’d be sitting down with her instructor building snowmen on the sidelines of the magic carpet haha.


We weren’t going to push another lesson during our stay seeing as it was only her first time, but a two days later she was begging to go again because Holly (her instructor) had “jelly beans in her pocket mummy!”… so we got her another one :)


We stayed at Thredbo this time, at the Snowgoose Apartments. I couldn’t recommend them enough! I didn’t get around to taking any photos (I should have though – I was camping out in the room all week!) but totally totally loved it. It was such a good contrast to staying at Perisher and Jindabyne last year. DON’T do it to yourself! Unless you’re a hardcore skiier who doesn’t care about anything else. Jindabyne is not too far out, but it doesn’t usually snow there so if you want to wake up with the beautiful snow-covered mountains surrounding you you’ll need to either stay in Perisher or Thredbo. Perisher is hardcore, you can drive up for day trips but if you want to stay overnight you aren’t allowed to park – you have to park in Jindabyne and catch the train to Perisher. That alone was a enough of a nightmare last year… suitcases upon suitcases + all your ski gear + a toddler in tow, wearing 500 layers of clothing and tredging through the snow? Uhn-uhn. Not to mention that unless you want to catch the train back in to Jindabyne (at $80pp per round trip!) you’re basically stuck in Perisher, usually only at your hotel because most are ski in ski out!

Anyway, I could go on forever about how much better Thredbo is, perhaps another post next year or something. For now, i’ll leave you with a pic of this guy, who finally managed to smile :)



May 31, 2016
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