With the amount of acupuncture I’ve been having lately, I thought for absolute sure Baby Neal would arrive this week… but he didn’t! I feel so big and uncomfortable (cry me a river, right?) and my lower back is killing. I have horrible posture normally, and being this big and far along is really pushing it. The acupuncture helps relieve the pain really well, I even get a nice little massage with some oils haha, but it’s only a temporary fix and the pain comes back again soon enough. During the week I bought a yoga ball to bounce on and it feels pretty great just while I’m bouncing, it’s like total relief, but there’s only so many hours a day I can bounce around on a ball haha.

At my Friday check up my OB booked me in to be induced on Friday the 2nd of Oct. Although I’m super relieved to have an end in sight, I am a little nervous about the whole thing. I was induced at the public hospital with Addison at 40+1 and it went really well – I was given a dose of gel at 5pm, started contractions at about 8pm and she was born at 3am. It was painful, but what labor isn’t? I definitely wouldn’t say it was any worse or more intense than a ‘natural’ labor. I did end up begging for an epidural but had no complications whatsoever – no interventions, no failure to progress and no heavy bleeding, so I was pretty blessed (and grateful). This time though, I’m going privately with an OB who doesn’t like to use gel so he’ll be breaking my waters and then putting a syntocinon drip in. I’m not sure how different it will be??? He said the gel sometimes gets things going too quickly and things can change really fast which isn’t always a good thing. I already know how my body reacts to it though, so I would feel so much more comfortable knowing that is what was happening this time. Either way, everyone has been telling me how quick this labor will be so I am keeping my fingers crossed for a quick, safe, smooth labor 😉

Anyway, I did some more spring cleaning Saturday morning in preparation for Baby’s arrival, this time in our ensuite. We have a pretty large ensuite with a 5m long vanity, so it takes a lot to clean. It just gets dusty, and it’s mostly all black so every speck of dust/whatever shows up. I gave everything a big overall clean with my favourite Method cleaning products (cannot recommend them enough – no nasties and perfectly safe for pregnancy) and then started on rearranging my make up. Up until now all my everyday products have just been in some clear acrylic shelves on top of the bench, but it was all getting so dusty and gross I seriously think my dry shampoo ends up all over my bathroom instead of in my hair – ammirite???


So I put a hand towel down in one of the draws to stop stuff sliding around, and just laid all my everyday bits and pieces out flat. I looked into getting draw dividers, but I couldn’t seem to find anything to suit the measurements and in all honesty it would just annoy me not having it perfect and custom made haha. So I’ll give this a go for now, if it doesn’t end up working it’s an easy change. I might look into an acrylic drawer system for on top of the vanity, at least then it will all be covered up and safe from my dry shampoo 😉


On Saturday afternoon I went to my cousin’s baby shower. She lives in the next suburb, literally 5 minutes away, so even though everyone was freaking about me going into labor at the shower, I am only a few minutes away from home and it’d be no worse than it happening at home. Nothing happened with Baby though, and I got to enjoy an afternoon with all the women in my family while Addison stayed home with Daddy. She’s a bit sick at the moment poor honey, she was a kind of warm on Wednesday night and she woke up with a fever on Thursday. I’m not sure if it’s hit her fully yet, but she has started to get a little cough and I am hoping whatever it is goes away as quickly as it came – having a sick toddler when we are about to bring a newborn home is my idea of a nightmare!

Also, I just wanted to give a shout out to the girls at She-ba Brow Boutique by Silvia. I’ve been seeing Silvia for about 2years now for my brows, but during the week Sam gave me my first ever lash lift and I am SO in love with the results! The process was super simple and I got to lay down and do nothing for an hour – bliss! Below is a before and after pic of my lashes I took from Sam’s IG. The after pic has NO mascara or anything – incredible right?! My eyes look so much bigger and I am excited to have gotten it done just before Baby comes, it’ll make a big difference for those times I just couldn’t be bothered with make up!

Lash LiftAnd an obligatory selfie to show you haha. I have zero makeup on my eyes :) Don’t I look ridiculous without glasses!?


This time next week I’ll be blogging all about Baby Neal – hopefully :)


September 23, 2015