These past few months


My blog was down for a really long time and I didn’t even notice haha! Shane switched hosting companies or something and when I did realise I kind of just thought ‘meh, too much happening right now anyway”. But I have been thinking a lot about Oliver’s hospital visits lately and one of the ways I deal with them is by writing it all down, so thought now was as good as a time as any.

These past few months have been full on and only just a little slice of what the next few months will bring. My sister got engaged in February, and my best best best friend fell pregnant in April which means I have lots and lots of exciting things to plan and enjoy with kitchen teas, baby showers and weddings :) Oliver also turns ONE in October, and our best friends have just returned from their 6 month trip overseas. We also somehow managed to buy a workshop for TLL, which means that now all of our manufacturing will be done by us (yippeee!) but in amongst all of these exciting things, Oliver is also having troubles now that he has started solids.

A few weeks into our lives at home with Oliver, I mentioned things weren’t nearly as straight forward with his TOF as I had so naively thought. I knew that this year would bring hurdles with Oliver’s eating as he starts solids, and begins the lifelong battles with nutritional concerns. He started off REALLY strong with solids – he scoffed purees and would readily open his mouth for more. As the weeks went by, he started refusing them and clamping his mouth shut. He was also starting to show signs of a stricture, so he went to hospital for his 4th dilatation (after almost 3 months since his last). I thought that once that was sorted, he would go back to purees but no such luck – he still refuses. We started finger foods and had a really average outcome. He LOVES self-feeding, but no matter how small or soft the pieces, it gets stuck or comes back up. Today we finally got some answers, and it looks like he has Oesophageal Dysmotility (I’ll call it OD from now on, it’s a mouthful haha!).  OD pretty much means that the muscles and nerves that make food go down the oesophagus don’t work properly and are incomplete, due to the Oesophageal Atresia, which makes eating and proper nutrition very hard. We aren’t exactly sure of the scope of it but we will find out soon enough.

In the meantime, we’ve been booked in with a dietician to help us with ideas of what to feed Oliver and how to keep him eating. Although his primary source of nutrition is still breastmilk, it won’t stay like that for long and he will need to be eating proper meals. I read somewhere that eating troubles are one of the most stressful things a parent can go through with their kids, and I really really think it’s true. I’m sure most people think that their problems are the hardest lol, but it is just so exhausting worrying about food and what Oliver is getting. I made all of Addison’s baby food from scratch when she first started solids, I don’t think she ever had a pouch of store bought baby food in her life, but Oliver is so hit and miss with eating I’ve lost all motivation to make his. Instead I just grab a pouch which he only takes one mouthful from (If I’m lucky) and then the rest gets thrown in the bin. I don’t have the heart to spend time making food just to throw it away. Maybe once he gets better at eating I’ll start making some stuff, I would really like to. We’ve also got suspicions of a food allergy, so have booked him in for allergy testing in July. He had a very severe reaction to Rice the two times I’ve given it to him, so that kicks the trick of adding rice cereal to his bottles out the door. He has a constant rash too, we thought it was just really sensitive skin but it’s getting a little crazy, no matter which products we use. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

I feel bad for never writing about Addison haha. What can I say? She’s our no-frills kid. She has handled all of this so well. We are always fussing over Oliver and she is so patient with sharing us all the time. It makes up for the fact that she is so bad at sharing all the toys!



February 8, 2016
July 5, 2016