Three Month Essentials


I skipped month two, at that stage we were struggling to stay afloat haha. Now that things have settled down a little, I thought I’d put together a little post celebrating Oliver turning 3 months old today!

I’ve been trying like mad to get Oliver to laugh lately, and today he did for the first time! He kind of sounded like a little seal, air wooshing out like a seal bark hahaha. It’s got to do with his tracheomalacia, and I’ve read that some TOF kids have speech delays because it feels different for them, so I guess laughing is a little different for them too. At least while he’s still getting the hang of it anyway!

He’s also been eating so much lately, at 9wks he was having about 80ml of EBM each feeding, now he has on average 160ml and then like to ‘have dessert’ and comfort suck on boob afterwards. Last night he had 230ml before he finally settled down and went to sleep – I couldn’t believe it! I express about 6 times a day, and depending on what we’re doing Oliver will either have a bottle or boob, these past few days it’s been mostly bottles. He still takes a long time to nurse, so a 15 minute bottle wins when we are busy haha. If he keeps up the 230ml thing I won’t be able to keep up I don’t think, I definitely don’t make that much!


1. Elki Baby Wrap
I know I had this in my first month essentials, but I had to list it again that is how good it is! I use my Elki almost everyday, it is a serious godsend when I have a very demanding almost 3yr old on my hands. Love love love love. Check Baby O and I enjoying a lazy Sunday with friends on our boat!


2. River Kippins
Addison never took to a comforter, I don’t really know why I bought Oliver one haha. Maybe because it is so darn cute!? I am glad I did though, because River has quickly become known as Oliver’s hospital buddy. He is there for all the times Mummy and Daddy can’t be, during procedures, being takien in for tests, when he is being settled in to recovery.. In the lead up to booking in at the hospital, I usually carry River around in my cleavage so that he smells like me for Oliver. I don’t actually know if it does anything because he can’t tell me, but I like to think that it is a little piece of warmth and home for him – that if he ever might be scared or in pain, he has River to hold on to and know that it won’t be long until he will be in our arms again.




3. Nexium
Is it a little dodge that I put Oliver’s reflux medicine in here? It helps him so much though we would be lost without it! Majority of TOF babies have problems with reflux, and as well as hurting it can aggravate the anastomosis in the oesophagus, causing strictures. Oliver takes his medicine every night and probably will for a few years. He was prescribed Omeprozole first after his repair, but after struggling to take it (must taste funky) he was switched to Nexium at 6wks after his first dilatation. It is so much easier to get him to take it! Which is great for peace of mind because he doesn’t spit it out and you know he is taking it all.

4. Boon Lawn
With all the E.B.M bottles Oliver has been having it feels like our day is filled with bottles. This drying lawn makes keeping them clean so easy! We gather up all the bottles left scattered around the house from overnight and wash everything each morning. We then sterilise in batches and lay it all out on this lawn to dry – easy peasy! I love the idea of letting them air dry vs with a paper towel or something, and it just looks so pretty 😉


5. Lansinoh
If you are expressing a couple of times a day – you NEED this in your life! My nips get so sore even them rubbing against my bra or shirt makes me cringe. Even thinking about it now brings a little tear to my eye haha. But I grabbed this from Nursing Angel (where I buy all my nursing stuff – EXCELLENT delivery!) and haven’t looked back. I am a little paranoid about Baby O putting his mouth on it (founded or unfounded – idk) so I wait until night time when he’s gone down for the night. By the time he wakes up for a feed it’s all gone and my nips have been restored to their former glory!! HA HA.

6. 4moms Rockaroo
Baby O likes to be held. A lot. And most of the time it’s not really a problem, I can work it into my life and it doesn’t really matter. But sometimes I just need a break from being a baby cradle, and when I do this baby is my go to! It has a stack of rocking settings and can handle when Addison wants to help rock baby brother – which is actually quite enthusiastic haha. It also blends seemlessly into my home decor…. the important things, right?!

7. Woombie Swaddle
I put this together a couple of days ago when the Woombie was working amazingly for us. Nooooowwwwww not so much haha. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still THE BEST thing that we have found so I’ll keep using it, but this kid and his friggen hands need to just stay out of the picture!! He is one of those babies that rubs, and rubs AND RUBS his face for some reason, even when he is fast asleep. The Woombie keeps his arms wrapped and contained, but he can still stretch them up and rub his entire bottom half of his face. Which as I’m typing it doesn’t sound all that bad, but holy shit IT IS. He actually hates rubbing his face, but bless his little soul he is a baby and babies have no concept of what isn’t good for them (kind of like the whole ‘ya tired? have a nap!’ but they don’t know that the solution to tiredness is sleep – they scream about it!) and he just can’t keep his little fingers away. He knocks his dummy out and wakes himself up from the rubbing and wriggling. I basically need a straight jacket for him… sooooo… suggestions?! Please?! I’ve tried regular jersey wraps, muslin wraps, an ergo wrap, and the latest a mum2mum dream swaddle. I had high hopes for the dream swaddle, it’s design looked great and we used a similar design but different brand with Addison that worked perfectly (which I could kick myself for forgetting the name of!) but this one is just pretty badly made. I’ve got the smallest size they do and it is still to big – his arms get out and the whole wrap ends up hiking up and covering his entire face.


December 29, 2015
February 8, 2016